Without this the body can’t make energy

There is a direct link between water intake and energy.  Every cell tissue and organ is able to live so it can work!   Without water we die,  because the reason we need it is we are actually comprised of this stuff  at 70%.

Here  are examples of how your body fluids are made up,   prick a finger out comes fluid :)

Foetus 100%  Child at birth 80%  Adult 70% Elderly 50%   Water is life, and all  living organisms animals fruits plants, and even the planet is made up primarily of ocean water.

Without this fluid living things immediately start to loose water and over time shrivel and eventually die, so keeping your body hydrated is important for our health.  When we harvest and pick a salad leaf or any fruit aor vegetable from the ground or branch of a tree its connection to water has gone so the deterioration and vitality starts to decrease.   It carries the very materials we need to reinvent life and continue to move evolve and grow.

Water is vital because it ensures every tissue and organ can work do its job in the body for the benefit of the whole person and the  body maintains hydrated regulating body temperature, keeping us  lubricated, so  all tissues can work well.  Skeletal muscle, skin,  and the blood has the highest content of water in the body.

The main transporters of fluids is the blood at 83% and carries nutrients oxygen and water to each cell.  Muscles & brain 75% water, and kidneys 70% water.

Imagine for a minute what happens when there is not enough water in your veins  all your organs tissues and cells start to become challenged and stressed so how do we know if we are dehydrated (not drinking enough water) or and having a diet that is causing cellular damage and stress, more about that in a later post..

  • Kidneys, so a desire to urinate allot, strong urine smell yellow colour
  • Sunken eyes
  • fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Stomach bloating, constipation, diarrhoea
  •  Head aches, forgetfulness, lacking focus and concentration unable to stay motivated, Poor concentration
  •  dry mouth
  •  low blood pressure, high blood pressure, and or rapid heart beat

Drink 8 glasses water p/day, have water rich foods – cucumber tomatoes, melon, fruits such as grapefruits,  lemon water, leafy veggies, chard, lettuce & greens. Soups and a raw salad every day, have a smoothie or juice mid morning refresher drink extra water.

Stress is a major cause of dehydration, look out for a post on stress soon :)


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