Who Likes Diets!!

Diets!!   That’s a dirty word in many peoples vocabulary!

Is it in yours?

Yes, the word diet usually conjures up a cringe and a big sigh! Nobody wants to feel restricted and that’s the first thought that comes to mind when that word is heard or read.  Some of the comments that I hear over again are:

Diets are

  • Boring
  • Tasteless
  • Limited quantity
  • Rabbit food
  • Little variety
  • And ….no more pizza and chocolate!

But worse than that…

The diets often don’t work anyway OR once you return to normal eating again the pounds creep back on..  and it’s back to square 1

How many times have you gone on diets?
How many diets have you tried?

We’ve all been there but if you haven’t it does not mean to say that just because you haven’t a weight problem,  that you feel great and every bodily function is working properly.

It could be that you have aches and pains, bloating and wind, constant flue and colds, reoccurring sinusitis, or a back problem.

But wait, how are those related to what I put in my mouth?
Well what we reach for and eat at our meal times directly influences the mechanics in our body, much like a car!

Oil is necessary for a car engine
Water is necessary for regulating heat in the radiator
The brakes need brake fluid so you have control
The wipers need anti freeze fluid in the cold winters

Our body isn’t any different..  all those foods impact how your blood moves around vessels,  how hormones are produced to balance our moods, create enzymes to break down foods in our digestive tract, and  keep our heart beating and bones firm and strong!

So how do we know why our eating habits aren’t keeping us healthy?

Lets face it you don’t want to start another diet just to fail again, then loose more money on the latest fads..  thats understandable!

Usually when we start a new health regime we have a very good reason!

  1.  To be slimmer
  2.  Deal with a bowel problem
  3.  Natural alternative to medications
  4.  Increase energy
  5.  Lower your cholesterol
  6.  Go on a detox

And the best reason of all, to feel happier and more confident!!
Being happy is an emotion that influences every person you meet and every thing you do.

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