• Why did you contact Karina?

I made contact with Karina in order to help my son, who struggles with Aspergers Syndrome, as I thought that we could help his symptoms with diet.  However in the meantime I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, therefore this took priority and I decided to work with Karina to guide myself back to health.

  • What made you decide to choose a programme with her?

During my initial consultation I really warmed to Karina and decided to put my faith and trust in the process.  I am so glad that I did!

  • What did you specifically find helpful?

Karina not only works upon the nutritional side of things, she also counselled me and taught me how to meditate.  To sum up….the process is so much more than nutrition, Karina teaches you how to look at your whole lifestyle.  The counselling side of things meant that I did not have to off load my worries on my family or friends who were already struggling to deal with my diagnosis.

  • What advice did you take up?

I implemented all the advice immediately.  This included diet, exercise/stretching and meditation.  I was in a lot of pain when I first came to see Karina, however this improved very quickly.  I am now in much better health and am relatively pain free!  Karina worked with me throughout chemotherapy and helped to improve my immune system.  As a result I did not have any hospital admissions in the whole 6 months of chemotherapy.  I do believe this is largely down to the diet, supplements and lifestyle Karina recommended.

  • How did you feel after seeing her each time?

I always came away from my visits/phone calls feeling more positive, relaxed and with a fresh perspective.

  • What things have you learnt about yourself since connecting with Karina?

I have learnt to be careful of my ‘mind chatter’ and have generally become more spiritual.  I now practise daily meditations and yoga stretches.  Although the diet was daunting at first I now find this easy and it is just incorporated in my day to day life.

  • What would you say are Karina’s best skills?

Karina has a world of wisdom.  She always helped me to deal with difficult thoughts and worries in a positive manner.  She helped me to put a different perspective on them.

  • Is Karina someone you would recommend to others who have had a medical diagnosis?


  • What strengths have you acquired since seeing Karina?

I now feel in good health which is the main thing!  I think in a different way now and have the tools to be able to look after myself to ensure my health thrives.  The biggest lesson is ‘when you take excellent care of yourself everybody benefits’.

  • How has your life changed since working with Karina?

I am more open to new experiences now and as a result feel very excited about my future.  I have lots of exciting things planned.  Some of these I would have been scared of pursuing previously.  I am happier and as a result my family seem happier too.  I am even making plans to start my own business and have the courage to dream “big”.


“I came to see Karina to help me throw some light on how I could overcome symptoms of adrenal overload.  I signed up for the 3 month programme and followed Karina’s suggestions.  The understanding of how each type of food could benefit and exactly what ingredients I could put together was just what I needed. My plan was realistic & helped me organise my day to suit my lifestyle. I learnt about the imbalances that were going on in my body and how to redress these, and happily my blood pressure is back to normal.  At last!  What’s more, I have so much energy and my sleep is uninterrupted and deep. Karina was a pleasure to work with, and has a very down to earth approach which made each session inspiring and easy going.”
Andy, Hull

“After a year of suffering badly with recurring ill health problems and feeling generally run down, I took the step of consulting with Karina. My first conversation was a bit of a revelation and I decided to embark on my ‘journey’ to good health. Karina gradually began ‘educating’ me about healthy food and appreciating my body, and although at first I was a bit dismissive I took on the challenges she set. Some big changes beginning with eating breakfast, something I hadn’t done for years relying on my many caffeine fuelled drinks and removing alcohol and sugary foods as well as yeast from my life. I thought I could never achieve it but the continued praise and encouragement from Karina was a huge help. She progressed me into juicing – a whole new world to me – and I now avidly do something daily I’d never considered.

I progressed quickly from being dismissive to wholeheartedly embracing all the techniques, recipes and advice given (as well as sometimes having a good moan if I’d had a bad week!) and started to see the results. I feel fitter, happier and can take on the challenges of a highly pressured career more readily, in fact my va va voom has returned! I have also picked up with exercise and lost nearly 1.5 stone in weight which is a bonus.

I really used to enjoy my visits to see Karina, her method is one of helpful advice, never critical, and she has a whole wealth of knowledge about the body and how it ticks. You have to be prepared to work and make big changes, but having done this I cannot see me ever going back to old ways and I’ve seen the results. In short, it works.

I would recommend Karina to anyone seeking change.”

Kathryn Shillito


“The best part was getting in the kitchen! I loved throwing different ingredients together and making some wildly tasty dishes I  have not seen in any recipe book.  Together we made interesting juices and smoothies, delicious quick snacks and some interesting wholegrain dishes that my family ask for time and again!  I learnt what foods triggered my crazy cravings and what to replace them with, but for me the most interesting information that transformed how I eat was my emotional triggers- and Karina’s 3 month programme helped me deal with them once and for all.

That was my biggest ‘aha’ moment.”

Ellen, Hull

“Karina has a unique gift to pinpoint the heart of an issue.  She will guide you to the center and hold a healing space for you to transform.  On the other side is certitude, gratitude and vitality that spills into every area of your life.  I have released long held pain and beliefs that were keeping me from moving forward in doing, being and having the things I want out of life. This gave me the courage to change and take actions that allowed me to be more of who I really am.”

Thank you Karina,

Darlene Rowan


“Amazing!  I learnt the difference between nourishing foods and foods that cleanse.  My body was so clogged up with toxins that my digestive system had packed up.  No more stomach cramps!

I feel like a new  person.”

Thanks Karina

Teresa, Goole


“Having  just one session with Karina I now understand more about what kind of foods I should be eating to help my digestive issues and how to ‘start the day’

I realize it’s not a ‘quick fix’ but more a lifestyle change but Karina offers help and advice to encourage you to make those changes

I loved the ‘hands-on’ approach of actually preparing and tasting food in Karina’s kitchen which shows you just how quick and easy it is to ‘mend your ways’ ”

Thanks Karina

Su, Hull


“Karina’s approach to both how the information is translated and given within the comforts of her own home helped me to feel completely relaxed. I felt totally at ease and therefore able to get the most out of my consultation.”

“The advice given is informative and precise.  This encouraged me to go away and start changing my eating and drinking habits so as to obtain the best out of the foods I eat and also eat in a more creative way to benefit my health.”

“Her unique methods of showing how the body’s organs work and react to certain foods and liquids are enlightening and her artistic skills used in explaining these matters are educational.”

“I have found that through Karina’s advice my bouts of lethargy thirst and general feelings of frustration have become a problem of the past. I was amazed at how quick her advice helped me have an instant improvement.”


Beyond ‘Why Me’?

“It was a really beautiful summer’s afternoon in July 2006 and I found myself full of dread lifting the receiver on the telephone to make a call that I really did not want to make. On the table in front of me was a brown envelope full of scans and written in capitol letters across the manila was CONTACT YOUR GP IMMEDIATELY.

What was going through my mind? What words of wisdom were there to guide and inspire me at this unwanted and uncertain moment in my life?

‘Why me?’ that’s what was going through my mind on a reel.

Moments later, a flash of inspiration burst in, another voice, another message, a visceral feeling that that screamed ‘why me? Is that the best you can do?’

Accepting ‘why me’ means I am a victim, something is happening to me over which I have no control.

Accepting ‘why me’ means I’m about to turn into nothing more than a medical condition.

Accepting ‘why me’ means I have to believe all that stuff on the internet about what I can expect my life to be in the future.

Accepting ‘why me’ is defeat, there is no way out of Why me, it’s a dead end devoid of any other possibilities.

Why me had to go, I wanted something else, something that would transform my experience from one full of fear, uncertainly and powerlessness into one where this was a new beginning, an opportunity to learn and grow, an opportunity to make my own choices, to be someone working with a diagnoses rather someone who had become a medical condition.

Only I could decide this, and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Had I had the option at the time to work with someone who could expertly guide me through the process of using my diagnosis as a springboard for some amazing personal transformation, to become emotionally resilient, to have an invincible mindset, to resolve the painful and negative emotions from the past, to take ownership of my future I would have jumped at the chance.

From that day to this I’ve kissed a lot of frogs in order to find ideas and therapies that really work, that create an environment for significant personal transformation so with hand on heart – if you, like me have decided that “why me” is just not good enough you can do no better than invest in a guide like Karina who has some effective, powerful and transformational stuff in that tool bag of hers.

What will you choose?”

Louise Walters


“I was fortunate to work with Karina through one of her special offers.  I was unsure what to expect but it was a very positive experience.  She really ‘saw’ the real me and we worked together on clearing out some old habits that no longer work for me.  It’s now a few weeks later and there has been a definite shift in my eating (and other) habits, – it’s not just about food! I hope to get the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

Pam Medhurst

Video Testimonial from Valerie



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