The Truth About Salt

the truth about saltEvery newspaper you pick at the moment seems to be focusing on our high intake of salt

But I thought it was time to share the truth about salt.

When natural sea salt/rock salt which by the way contains all 84 natural trace elements and minerals found in our own body, is blasted with high temperatures and chemically treated what is left is the sodium chloride in a form that is foreign, and therefore toxic to the body.

However in our body it will react by trying to excrete it.  Massive amounts of energy is used to do this. What it can’t eliminate it has to store and this is where the body will start to throw out symptoms.  Every gram of salt must be suspended in 23grams of water in order to neutralize it, a mammoth task if ever for our poor body.

This challenge will predispose us to all sorts of health complaints ie:

  • Dehydration, water retention.
  • High Blood Pressure
  • adrenal stress
  • circulatory problems heart rhythm disturbances
  • muscular weakness
  • bone /joint pain
  • poor digestion

As we heard on the news and papers yesterday we are consuming far too much salt, but lets get one thing straight here.

It’s not just about the amount of salt – but the form our salt intake is in!!

Sodium Chloride is in almost all packaged, canned, bottled, plastic coated (yes even including so called healthy options breakfast cereals/bars, beans) ….and beware also takeaways and restaurant foods.  It has been a modern epidemic of over consuming convenience foods which has led to most of our sodium related health problems.  Manufacturers have poured extra salt into our food to appeal to our ever increasing cravings for salt brought about by consuming too much in the first place!

A regular diet of fresh foods, locally grown and preferably organic is what is needed to maintain a healthy balance of sodium, which is the right type of salt in it’s pure form that we find in nature, one that our body recognises and so can utilise.

All the organic salt our body requires is in our natural foods. Our body cannot absorb any other very well without paying a price to our health.

  1. Eat as close to nature as possible-fruit veg wholegrains.
  2. Use herbs and spices instead to pep up blander foods and get creative in the kitchen.
  3. I use Himalayan rock salt ,if I want to put in for taste. Drying celery and whizzing up into powder is another option.

Hope this has been useful but if you have any questions about salt in your diet, you can email on EmailAddressImage1
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Happy healthy eating!

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