The Moon and Me

the moon and meI don’t know about you but there are times when I feel enthuisiastic on top of my game, energised and generally good in mind and body.

However, at other times feel dispondent tired and some what negative (thankfully not too often).

This last year I made the decision to check out these times of  not being my self by looking at dates in my diary of my ups and downs.   Interestingly I  found some very specific cycles where reoccurring bouts of the above took a definate course.

The trigger?

Could it be the moon..

Wait!  Before you conclude that I’ve really lost it let me explain.  The moon is responsible for the:

  • movement of tides
  • menstral cycle
  • seasons

everything in life is cyclic.

I believe that every living thing responds to it’ environment. Certainly through David Attenboroughs fascinating wildlife programmes this shows undoubtful evidence.  Migrating birds etc

The sun moon and earth relationship is one of great syncronisity, and without these life would not exist.  The moon’s gravitational pull on the earth causes tides which move our worlds oceans, so if the force of the moon  move oceans, what effects can it have on us as humans and all living organisms  plants and animals.

My own experiences of  days of  “yes productive and accomplished my objectives” or “what did I achieve today” were dependant on emotions lurking in the background that hadn’t been dealt with and so were taking away my focus.  Low and behold the patterns were on specific moon times of usually  full moon of new moon!

New moon is a good time for making new beginings or throw away bad habits so when choosing new ideas or routines or even promises to yourself to release old belief patterns  starting a new class changing your diet,  try starting on the New Moon.  This will help support you in your intention.

Full Moon is a time of huge pull on the earth and therefore when referring to my diary these were time of emotional inbalance.  Usually feelings of overwhelm or some sort of doubt.  The moon has an effect on fluids (remember the tides)  so for myself hit into my emotions. feeling of stress…which equals fear.  There is no easy answer but we are one step closer to understanding when we have an awareness that at these times we are possibly more susceptible to stored emotions as the pull of the moon brings them to the surface.

The tsunami happened on Full moon.

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