You keep feeling low and tired, make smoothies

Tips for increase vitamin C (other wise known as the healing nutrient)  to combat those reoccurring energy dips

Smoothies are a great summer

Amazing tool to ward off tiredness and irritability.

Quick easy and fun for all the family to do.

Kids love them and you know at least they have some of their RDA for the day.  They give massive energy boosting nutrients to super charge your day


Use a blender to whizz up your favourite fruits and dare I mention it you can even make orange, green, pink, purple dependent on the ingredients.

Bananas are great as a basic as they have a natural sweet taste especially when firsDSC_1223(cropped)t starting out for sweetness and children love!

Add orange, pineapple, grapes, pomegranate, grapefruit, berries, even add unusual fruits mango, papaya, kiwi just anything you fancy apart from melon as this is best eaten on its own or I enjoy with fresh  lime juice.  Water melon is delicious whizzed up on its own including the seeds with ice it goes into a pretty pink frothy refreshing drink and is packed with vital antioxidants to help wipe out those free radicals especially if you have indulged over the weekend.

When you are feeling good about fruits then try adding greens lettuce chard spinach etc as this really increases the minerals and vitamins due to the rich chlorophyll abundant in green foods.   Beetroot and carrot is excellent as these are quite sweet as starter vegetables to incorporate.

Go on try it. Your body mind and spirit will thank you…..

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