Planting By the Moon

planting by the moonDuring the last 8 months every bit of spare time I’ve headed down to my allotment which is off “Queensgate”in Beverley to clear all the rubbish that had accumilated apparantly over a couple of years during a period of no use.

My original pictures of the site got lost  but it was a 2 week mass dig to get it cleaned up.  Together with mountains of old wood from a broken down shed, old boots, radio, bottles of whisky, rotting rope, wire, concrete – the list goes on and of course, weeds, frogs, voles, rat/s “blakie” the blackbird “robie” the robin my new friends. My back was suffering with reoccurring tennis elbow through over use but it was great excitement to finally be planting some seeds..

Having planted up an assortment of alliums “the onion family”  plus carrots beetroot, radishes and parsnips on the most beneficial moon time days, I hope to reap some quality produce.  Now using the moon and zodiac may seem completely wacky and kind of witchcrafty but it does make a difference to the growth of the plants.

I use a biodynamic planting calendar which gives the most favourable days and specific times of planting, working the land, and harvesting the different plants.  The phylosophy behind planting via the moon considers the movement of the planets and their effects on the earth during transit with the sun, moon and other planets.

I see the soil as having the same qualities as our human and animal blood, the giver of life, nourishing feeding, protecting. The soil therefore is the life force of our plants but also it responds to it’s environment again much the same a our blood, of which the chemical  environment consists of four elements

AIR (carbon Hydrogen and oxygen),


EARTH (minerals, copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium etc) and

FIRE.- ( corresponds to temperature). these four elements are where all forms of life originate and are maintained, otherwise we/plant become diseased or die.

The moon has a 27 day orbit round the earth so passes the twelve  regions of the zodiac where vast energy penetrates our earth. These  each have an effect on the above four elements.  Each sign of the zodiac has an element, so when the moon passes through, it also brings about enlivening processes on the plants and their particular organs, root, leaf, flower, fruit and seed.

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