Mixed Messages about Healthy Eating.

Messages about healthy eating start to get boring and confusing. One day this is the best food, another day the facts change  about that food so no wonder we become blase about all the information out there!

They say that diets don’t work! But why? Do you ever wonder what it really takes to change habits of a lifetime and become that natural slim self you once were or crave to be.

As I have experienced changing anything is not easy.  If it was, there would be no such thing as going on a diet.  Personally the word DIET suggests ( for a short period of time or temporary)problem being is understanding what’s going on for us when we succumb to foods that we are trying to stay away from. When we purchase that packet of chocolate biscuits or open the fridge door for more food, what makes us take that action?    Understanding our motives is the answer. If we are not aware of our motivations and our relationship with food then it is nearly impossible to achieve our health goals.

The majority of dieters cannot keep their weight off because their eating habits are linked to their emotions.  The word e motion means “feelings in motion.”
Sometimes life throws up problems and a great way to make us feel better is to halt that difficult e motion with an unhealthy food. You do feel better but not for long! Feel good hormones move into the blood stream where the fight or flight response is activated.  our underlying emotional cause is covered up but instead results in yo yo blood sugar disturbance and before you know it the vicious circle of cravings take us on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows!

This kind of eating can be triggered by any form of doubt, anxiety, anger, guilt even things that we don’t register as stress in our lives.  We eat for many reasons, we eat when we are happy, we eat when we are sad, we eat when we are scared, we eat at celebrations, and when we want to cheer ourselves up, the list goes on.  However rarely do we eat through real hunger.

One way to help resolve these obsticles is by unleashing our hidden concerns to somone we trust. By releasing them from our mind and body creates a powerful way to let go needs to suppress inner conflicts through poor food choices.

Many of us hold ourselves back because we dont want to become a burden but silence does not help anyone solve problems. to ask for help shows great strength and proof of the will to persist in spite of pain or difficulty.

Start the year by being honest with ourselves. letting go of hurts means you will no longer have the need to use food as an emotional crutch.

We all respect people that are open and I believe the true road to health is by knowing ourselves.

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