Is the Equinox making you feel sluggish too?

Suddenly, people are snuffling and sneezing, feeling sluggish & can’t seem to bounce out of bed in a morning, there’s that foggy head and the nose begins to drip. It’s an epidemic! Whoa, hang on a minute could it be the equinox?

Twice a year in spring and autumn (September) there is an equinox. This year the date was Thursday September 23rd at 03.09 hours. This means that the sun is at a right angle to the earth at the equator and so we have equal day and night. Between full moon before the equinox and full moon after (average 29.5 days) there the planets in the universe align into a position that creates different sunlight exposure to the sun. This has a huge impact on out planet altering climate through weather patterns. Temperatures drop, daylight shortens and rainfall usually increases. So this huge earth energy flip doesn’t just alter our external environment where we see;

  • Animals going into hibernation
  • Herbivores ovulate
  • Plant growth slows
  • Change of Seasons
  • Root vegetables that grow under the ground and are best stored in the dark and cooking with the lids on is common for longer slower periods of time illustrating the matching of energy of the season.

Over about a 10 week period before,  during and after the equinox there is a surge of energy/movement so strong which not only creates ocean tides, seasonal change and animals to respond but causes many people to “feel” or experience symptoms and it comes from a movement of fluids at cellular level! (our body is 70% water) so affects our body internally too! This is because the energy pulls on fluids. Right down to the cells contents which contain the electrolytes calcium sodium and fats plus others.  Too many of these “particular” elements already consumed through diet or stress your body becomes highly acidic. As the blood  needs to be slightly more alkaline the body will attempt to redress the imbalance by eliminating accumilated acidity . Symptoms arise if our liver is too busy detoxifying other toxins. Over this period of the equinox it is very common for people to suffer with ailments like “catching” a cold, flues, headaches, joint pain etc… is well known by medics that patient numbers increase dramatically over the Spring and Autumn equinox. Flues are rife, acute illnesses occur and if these are treated and suppressed with medications acute symptoms can revert into a more chronic condition. It’s a well recognized fact too that depression SAD (seasonal affect disorder) rise, and before you know it the effects of the cleansing  Autumn equinox can put you to bed!

Our ancestors were more in touch with the earth because they lived closer to nature than we do today.

They realized that what happens in the cosmos above affected life below on earth. Celebrations and rituals over these times were practiced by performing dance, prayer meditation music and fasting and detox/cleansing type ceremonies.

In Eastern philosophy it was and (still is in parts) a tradition for people to visit their traditional doctor to perform energy healing such as tai chi, acupuncture, massage, herbs plus others, over the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. Their belief is that is you support the body over these powerful planetary transitions then health should remain good for the following 6 months before the next equinox.

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One Response to Is the Equinox making you feel sluggish too?

  1. Dickens Chibeu says:

    I have been having severe headache and neck pains since 22nd March 2016. Could this be related to the equinox

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