I love Hemp milk

I love Hemp milk and why you may wonder..

Hemp is a great source of natural essential fats and we need those to absorb fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, & K. minerals iron zinc, magnesium, B12 and folic acid and really great alternative if you have a lactose intolerance.

The health benefits are many but here are a few

  • healthy heart
  • clear skin
  • strengthen Immunity- bolster up the body’s white blood cells to protect from invading organisms and toxic overload.

Hemp comes form the Cannibus Sativa plant and there has been allot of media buzz about the benefits for use in helping to alleviate patients suffering with pain and other debilitating health problems.  there are varying appeals to legalise Cannibus but it is absolutely legal to make hemp milk!

Hemp seeds are used to make milk by using 4 cups of filtered water and whizz in an blender to make milk Рthen sieve out the hemp bits that are left Р  It has a velvety creamy consistency which is thicker than skimmed milk with a delicious nutty flavour.



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