Himalayan Rock Salt

Why Himalayan rock salt you ask,

The Himalayan rock salt contains 84 essential trace minerals that our body requires for function of healthy cellular activity.  The difference is that it provides these essential minerals that ordinary table salt does not.

The Himalayan mountain range covers Asia, and passes through China, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.  200 million years ago lava covered the sea bed and they became crystallised  over time and protected from pollution.  the environment  was  clean and in pristine condition through natural means.  Because of the quality enriched with essential minerals found in nature these are perfect for our body and easily identified by our organs which are in charge of absorbing the nutrients salt provides.

Sea salt is better than table salt however each year our oceans are becoming more polluted and the salt further processed.

Salt is essential for all our cells organs and tissues.

  • promoting a stable PH balance within the body cells
  • prevents muscle cramps
  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves circulation
  • a good detoxify of heavy metals

Make sure this is one of your store cupboard essentials..




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